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Reward policy

Our Reward Policy is aimed at achieving the Bank's strategic goals based on long-term performance and excludes short-term gains by the Bank at the expense of long-term risks.

Reward system

  • Adequacy

    Adequacy of bonuses to the bank's profitability, Strategy, compliance of the bonus system with the level of the labor market

  • Justice

    Fair remuneration and non-discrimination of the employee with an objective assessment based on accurately measured criteria

  • Transparency

    Disclosure of reward policy information to both employees and the public

Objectives of the reward system

  • To ensure long-term and sustainable development of the Bank;

  • To increase the bank's competitiveness in the labor market;

  • Improve risk management and human resource management systems;

  • To increase the loyalty of highly qualified employees who add value to the bank and to use the labor of those employees;

  • To increase the efficiency of employees during their work, to encourage them to achieve sustainable positive results

  • Improving team performance through motivation, directing employees to common goals

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