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PİN Erase and PİN Delivery services


To use PIN Erase and PIN Delivery services:

Download the latest version of AFB Bank mobile application (both iOS and Android users);

Must connect the relevant card to the SMS notification service (Monthly subscription fee 0.95 AZN);

The service is free for 3 months. Commission for the service provided from 01.04.2022:

1 AZN / 1 USD / 1 EUR / 1 GBP (depending on the currency of the payment card).

Terms of use of the service:

After opening the AFB Bank mobile application, select it by tapping on the appropriate card on the home page:


Select "Change PIN code" on the opened page


Before assigning a new PIN code, the existing PIN code must be canceled and the customer's consent must be obtained:


After giving the customer's consent, the next informational text appears. Here's how to set a new PIN: 



On the page that opens, you confirm "I want to create a PIN code myself" by entering 16 digits of the card, expiration date and CVC2 code and clicking OK.


Encrypted SMS by AzeriCard will be sent to the number you have connected to the SMS notification service.



You confirm the assignment of your new PIN code by entering the numbers you want via SMS and encrypted numbers (Each SMS comes with a 4-digit number) instead of the numbers you want (for example, 5566) and clicking OK.


If the transaction is successful, the following text will be displayed and your new PIN code will be considered assigned.