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We are always ready to listen to you.

Receipt of consumer appeals is carried out in the following forms:

Oral application

  • Direct approach to the bank (working days from 09:00 to 17:00);
  • By calling the Bank Information Center 012 565 65 56 / Short number 1545.

Written appeal

  • By submitting a written application directly to the Bank;
  • Directly approaching the head office or any branch or department located at 206/466 N.Narimanov Avenue, Yasamal district, Baku.

Apply online

  • The consumer can send his appeal to the bank's e-mail address  or place his appeal in the appeals section of the bank's website

A brief overview of AFB Bank's consumer review procedures.pdf


AFB Bank Information on the stages of consumer complaints.pdf 


Statistics 2021.xlsx