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3D Secure service

3D Secure service


What is 3D Secure service?

To perform secure card transactions on the Internet with Verified by VISA / MasterCard SecureCode technology, AzeriCard processing center offers plastic card holders to write 3D Secure passwords. 3D Secure System allows you to make secure purchases on the Internet. No one but the cardholder with a 3D Secure password can make payments on the Internet.

Obtaining 3D Secure password

You can connect to the service using two methods: get a one-time password from an ATM or a one-time password via SMS (only for cards connected to the "SMS Alert" service). To get one-time passwords from ATMs, select the "Services" menu.

Select the "IB and 3D Secure password list" section

After that, the ATM will print a list of passwords.

Print the list of IB passwords and go to the link You can also access this link at

Choose the type of authentication: List of one time SMS and one-time passwords

The password is sent to your mobile number immediately. Enter the expiration date of the card, CVC2 and one-time password.


Enter your username, password, help word and hello text. The password must be at least 8 characters long. The password must contain letters, numbers and special characters.


When the registration process is successful, you will see the following window.


You select the appropriate window after authentication to re-register or cancel the registration on your card.